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Understanding the Creation Project

The main thesis or purpose of the “project” is to showcase the wonders of our Creation – bringing all of us to a deeper appreciation not only of ourselves and our world, but also of the all-powerful and purposeful God who created us. Each chapter will explain and depict the numerous creative miracles wrought by God, as chronicled in the Old Testament Book of Genesis. Numerous explanatory and attractive photos and illustrations accompany the manuscript facilitating a reader’s understanding and appreciation. As you read, you will find its paragraphs and illustrations covering many things, including:

  • A commentary on the Bible’s Genesis Chapter 1 – The first seven days.
  • A testimony that we are not accidental – we are not only intelligently designed but also purposefully designed by One who loves us.
  • You will pick up on the precision in engineering – and it follows that Man, as God’s ultimate creation, bears God’s image as a rational, deliberate, and moral being.
  • You will be updated on the subject of Evolution vs. Creation.
  • In a minor sense you will address biology to astronomy – because there you understand some of the results of Genesis Chapter One.

The work is an attempt to convince you, dear reader, to have a greater appreciation of life on earth – and therefore be changed for the better. If the reader has come away from the manuscript with a more positive attitude  — about themselves, the world, and our Creator – then we will consider the “project” a success. Moving Forward Feel free to download the complete manuscript and copy it if you like. There is no charge. You will just be considered as a “part of the project”. So, please join us:

  • New to the project is the Understanding the Creation teaching curriculum.  Preview and download this free resource including a complete PowerPoint presentation.
  • Read the manuscript – and give it some thought.
  • Put forth some of your own ideas, criticism, and helps
  • Add some sections that you think might add to the theme. There are certainly new evidences and revelations all the time – that you may want to tell us about – such as one recent news item, for example: They’re baaak! The 13-year cicadas emerged within a week and in the same part of South Carolina as they did during 1998. Then, after they breed and die,– their offspring will burrow in the ground and emerge in the year 2024!” (The South Carolina State newspaper, April 20, 2011, page 1.)
  • Tell your friends, and once again, email me back – and we can all make the “project” better!
  • Remember to check out our Acknowledgements page for further reading from a variety of authors and scientists.
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